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Ten Of The Best (TOTB   York .


After a very hard weekend at Knockhill, we set of back, destination York, ready for TOTB on the Sunday. The very little sleep friday night was twice as long as the two & a half hours we got on the Saturday. The sleep depravation had obviously affected our diet as 2 garage sandwiches, half a sausage & a cheese burger is all George managed to eat from 8am Friday morning till 6pm Sunday. This didn't phase him though, where he got his energy nobody knows. This years TOTB saw George driving and competing in his track prepared R32 Skyline and Mick piloting the R32 Drag car. Both cars were running for "Team Skyline" so any points gained go towards a group scoring.




Since both cars had just come back from Knockhill and were set up for the track it was sensible to send them out on the handling circuit. The weather was glorious but the queue to get on the handling circuit wasn't, it took over one and a half hours of queuing before George got to have his first un timed warm up lap. Followed by Mick. One the first run once round the track and drivers can return to the front of the queue to get a timed lap in, after that it's back to the end of the queue.

George ran a 42.73 time round the handling circuit and Mick ran a 41.88. Then they lined up again to have another go. George had decided that this would be his last chance on the handling as he wanted to run the quarter and top speed runs so he turned the boost up and went out for a record time. "I will either put in an awesome time or crush a few cones" George said, and crush a few cones he did. A very strong and powerful launch of the line lead to a huge amount of speed been built up, as he turned into the first corner, the back end just slid out and he removed about 10 cones from the track. So Georges best time was a 42.73 second run. Mick however stayed on the track and managed to get another 2 runs resulting in him becoming the fastest Skyline of the day round the track with a time of 39.78 second run.

Mean while George had lined up to do a top speed run, this is judged over a mile. Obviously the fastest car wins and so on. George set of with a refined launch and powered the car down the 1/4 mile and on towards the mile check point. To his surprise George saw the shift light come on while in 5th gear, looking down at the speedo he saw the needle was doubling back on itself and he had a fraction of a rev left when he went through the speed trap. To date no speed has been given but judging by the revs he would of been hitting a good 190 mph over the standing mile.

After his excitement on the handling track (what he'd missed the day before) Mick went out onto the drag strip. Previously the car had run a pb of 10.06 @ 139 mph over the quarter but these times wasn't expected today. Mick only had time to get in a couple of runs giving him a best for the day of 10.91 @ 139 mph. Traction was a big let down as he just kept spinning the rear wheels on the launch. The problem is the car is now set up for track use and is on track tyres and that's where that all important second is lost. Mick didn't have enough time to run on the top speed run, which is a shame as the car is geared for 215 mph.

George then decided to hit the drag strip, his GTR has only ever run once before and did a 10.64. So he was out to try and get personal best. Which he did, getting rid of some more air in the tyres helped him to archive a 10.60 @ 131 mph.

Not content with this George decided he needed rid of more air and to get some heat into the tyres too. He lined up in RWD and did a monstrous burn out to generate some heat. He was all set for the fastest 1/4 from the car, until his quickly made RWD switch he had just manufacture decided to fall apart. This meant George was stuck in RWD, unable to solve the problem on the start line he ran the car. Only problem now is he know's there is a slight bit more from his GTR and will need to run again.


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