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YORK RACE WAY  2NZ (tuners) RWYB Series


York Raceway’s 2NZ (tuners) Run What You've Brung series was an ideal venue to test the GTR down the drag strip, more out of interest to see what times could be achieved. George had run his previous Skylines down the drag strip before but not this one. The car hasn't been out of the garage to see daylight since Donnington park on the 12 of April. Apart from a visit to the workshop to rectify the boost problem he had suffered on the last timed lap of Time Attack.





York Race Way is a local event for DCY so an opportunity to run can't really be missed.  The organisers had also invited the DCY drift car along to do some demonstrations for the crowds.

With the Silver track 32 of George's ideally setup for the track he didn't want to change anything not even soften the rear suspension. George was expecting the car run a high 10 second quarter mile but did make the prediction earlier in the week 'I wouldn't rule out a 10.6'

George's first of the day saw him run a 10.94 1/4 that was on cold tyres and a a relatively steady run. About 1 hour later saw George and his 32 return to the start line, this time you could see he was out to do business; he pulled up to do a large burnout to get the rear tyres warm and then staged at the lights. George got a fantastic launch of the line with 1.6 60ft time. the GTR powered it's way all the 1/4 mile strip to complete a 10.64 1/4 @ 129 mph just backing up his first place position of the day as fastest car.

George was happy with his time especially considering the cars still setup for track racing. With a bit more development DCY are confident to improve on these times but the car is a track car and that's how it's staying. Until TOTB of course.

With a very impressive and fast run giving George 1st place he parked the 32 and jumped into the DCY drift car to go out perform a drift demonstration for the crowds. Lack of space at York Race Way is a problem for such things as drifting. With not allot to do George went out and destroyed a set of tyres, with a combination of donuts & side to side drifts. The water temperature did rise pretty high during this demonstration due to the continuous high revving of the engine and lack of wind/intake to cool it back down again. Normally when these cars at the higher end of the revs they will be doing 70mph + but in the small area George was only able to get the car to a top speed of about 20mph.

The drift car will be returning to the workshop for an inspection check over before round 2 of the EDC at Silverstone on the 2nd of June 2007.



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